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Canberra Rock Squads

$181.50 - $ 230.00, 10 weeks coaching
during the act school term

+ 2 weeks free climbing entry
during ACT Shool holidays

Our aim is to promote the sport of indoor rock climbing to the younger age groups, we strive to do this by teaching safe climbing practices, setting personal goals, learning technique, having loads of fun and meeting new friends!

Our coaches are experienced climbers and we are dedicated to the success of each child. The squad strives to build a sense of strength, fitness, team work and most of all friendship in each member. If you love to move and be active and enjoy challenges, then rock climbing is the place to start!

Rock Rats
Kids under 10 years old

North Rocks
Tuesday 4.30-6pm
Wednesday 4-5.30pm

South Rocks
Monday 4-5.30pm

GeckosLink Squad

10 to 18 years old

North Rocks
Monday & Thursday 4-5.30pm

South Rocks
Tuesday & Thursday 4.30-6.00pm

Rock Squad
Elite Level

North Rocks
Mon, wed & Thurs 4.30-6.30pm

South Rocks
Mon, Wed & Thurs 4.30-6.30pm

Rock Rats
At Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing we have a Squad for children who are 9 years old and younger. We offer a safe, fun and exciting environment for younger children to experience the thrills and spills of rock climbing. This squad is specifically for the little ones who are too young to belay for themselves.

We provide several qualified coaches to make sure they learn the basic skills needed for safe climbing. All the rope skills are provided by the coaches. We also teach movement techniques so the children have a better understanding of how their bodies move up the wall.Our goals for this squad are to promote health and fitness, body awareness, and for the kids who are dedicated - a chance to join our other squads and progress to the elite level.

Rock Rats runs on a term basis with makeup lessons run during the school holidays, we only have limited spaces so please head to the contact link above and send us through an email or visit your local gym for more information.

The Gecko Squad is for beginner to intermediate climbers between 10 and 18 years old. Our aims are to teach correct technique, safe climbing practices, competition preparation and basic outdoor skills in the safety of the gym.

This squad is based on a school term allowing you the option to train once or twice a week for 10 weeks with the added bonus of makeup sessions during the school holidays. To enquire about geckos please head to the contact link above and send us an email or visit your local gym for more information. This squad feeds into the Link Squad.

Rock Squad
The Canberra Rock Squad is our elite level. This Squad is for climbers who have mastered all of the basic techniques and are climbing at a high standard. They are given the chance to refine techniques with one on one sessions and compete at a state, national, and international level. Rock squad is just as much about attitude as it is about strength, technique and fitness, we are looking for young athletes that are focused and prepared to train hard, learn and still have fun. Climbers who show exceptional dedication can then be introduced to outdoor rock climbing under supervision of trained guides.
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